internship testimonials

“My summer internship with The Hauser Group taught me so many things that I couldn’t have learned in the classroom. I was given the opportunity to write and to learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of public relations while gaining contacts in the PR world. Working with the ladies at The Hauser Group was a fun and rewarding experience. I’m excited to take these insights with me as I move forward into my future career!”

Damaris Wyand
Summer 2017 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at Missouri Baptist University

“My time at the Hauser Group taught me a lot of valuable skills, ranging from how to write a press release to how to set up an on-air interview. I was given the responsibility to work on several projects for clients and felt as if I was truly a part of the team. I feel more confident in my job search because of what I have learned and worked on during my internship.”

Kalee Gottsacker
Spring 2017 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at St. Louis University

“My internship experience with The Hauser Group allowed me to explore a different side of Public Relations than what I was used to. I was able to take concepts I had learned in the classroom and apply them to projects I was working on for clients. My internship helped me shape my career goals and also allowed me to add to my portfolio. I will forever be thankful for my opportunity to work with knowledgeable women in the PR world who taught me more about the industry than a classroom ever could. Thanks to The Hauser Group, I feel more confident and prepared than ever to enter into the world of PR!”

Shelby Culli
Fall 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at Webster University

“My internship with The Hauser Group has taught me more about the ins and outs of public relations than any summer courses towards my major could have done. I was able to apply textbook concepts into real-life scenarios with a variety of clients. The intelligent, driven women at the firm guided me along, but also trusted my own creative abilities to get the job done. Not only have I gained more confidence in my professional abilities but also some great, new friends in the world of PR!”

Kathryn Hennon
Summer 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Junior at University of South Carolina

“My internship experience at The Hauser Group was nothing but rewarding. Producing real work for real clients not only gave me the experience I had been looking for, but also allowed me to expand my portfolio at the same time. Working with the women at The Hauser Group to see the PR process come full circle is an opportunity that I am grateful to have had. I feel that my time as an intern allowed me to see many different aspects of the PR industry, and really prepared me for a future in public relations.”

 — Emily Ladig
Summer 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at University of Missouri – Columbia

“This experience allowed me to see the different sides of public relations and understand how projects vary to fit the needs of different clients. All of the women I worked with were great mentors and always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I can’t wait to use knowledge and skills I’ve gained through this internship as I progress in my studies and career.”

 — Miranda Cowan
Summer 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at University of Missouri – Columbia

“Working with The Hauser Group allowed me to not only learn more about the public relations field, but also more about what I want out of my career. I am now better prepared to enter the workforce and attain my goals. You will gain real world experience and get to meet some really wonderful people along the way!”

 — Jenna Norman
Spring 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at St. Louis University

“My internship with The Hauser Group allowed me to get a taste of the real world of public relations. The most rewarding part of this experience was being a part of the many behind the scenes aspects of the public relations industry. I was surrounded by intelligent women who constantly strive to be the best at what they do. Their drive and passion for this industry is contagious and I am forever thankful to have been exposed to their creativity and knowledgeable insights. Being a part of the event planning process, attending strategic brainstorming sessions, and continuously being in contact with media outlets were extremely beneficial to the learning process and allowed me to expand my knowledge beyond what I have learned in the classroom. I am confident and proud of the skills I have gains from this internship and cannot wait to use them in my future career.”

Adrianna Henson
Spring 2016 Hauser Group Intern
Graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

“My internship at The Hauser Group was truly a life changing experience. I was treated like a talented and capable individual and was assigned projects that reflected that. I had practice in so many areas of public relations from drafting press releases to brainstorming campaign ideas. I also learned about how to manage time and the importance of client loyalty. Working with such intelligent and thoughtful women who work around the clock to meet and in many cases exceed the demands of their clients made me want to start a career in public relations as soon as possible!”

Faith Salamon
Summer 2015 Hauser Group Intern
Senior at University of Missouri – Columbia

“While working with the women of The Hauser Group, I was treated as another account executive rather than as an intern. I was able to brainstorm with the group and work on a variety of projects for their many clients, giving me real-world, beneficial experience that I will continue to use in my future endeavors. I now have a better sense of the many roles a PR professional plays and I understand the forever-evolving industry much more. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and for the guidance and encouragement I have received from each of the employees.”

Rachel Yann
Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Hauser Group Intern
Assistant Account Executive at Weber Shandwick in St. Louis

“As a Hauser Group intern, I was able to hone my writing skills and learn through real-world experience how PR professionals develop messages for their clients. During my internship, I worked on a variety of assignments and get a wealth of hands-on experience which provided me with a better understanding of the PR industry, and I left my internship with plenty of great writing samples to share with potential employers. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain the practical skills necessary for a job in PR or strategic communications.”

Christa Corrigan
Summer 2014 Hauser Group Intern
Assistant Editor at Standard & Poor’s in New York, NY

“During my time at The Hauser Group, I was able to work on several amazing projects and was given the opportunity to have a very hands-on experience. I learned so much as an intern, and the experience and knowledge I gained has helped prepare me for the next step in my career. But, the best part of my Hauser Group internship experience was getting to know the members of their team and having them there to support me and cheer me on in my future endeavors.”

Melissa Breer
Fall 2013 – Summer 2014 Hauser Group Intern
PR Account Manager at HLK in St. Louis

“The Hauser Group is a talented team of women, each with a unique background. Their diversity in skill sets and expertise made for a very enriching internship experience which helped to shape a desirable skill set for a long lasting career.”

Mallory Box
Fall 2012 Hauser Group Intern
Community Outreach Specialist with The Elder & Estate Planning Law Firm in St. Louis

“My internship with The Hauser Group was a very rewarding experience and greatly prepared me for a career in public relations and communications. While there, I developed a range of beneficial communications skills, and the company’s industry reputation also played an instrumental role in helping me secure employment opportunities after college. I feel very grateful to have been given the chance to serve on their team!”

Jenna Matzer
Spring 2012 Hauser Group Intern
Regional Manager of Communication & Public Relations at Unity Hospice in St. Louis

“As an intern, I had the opportunity to work as an integral part of the team. They have created an excellent program that allowed me to gain hands-on experience in a variety of public relations tasks. The Hauser Group greatly values its interns and provided me with the opportunity to grow and learn by actively participating in the daily activities of the company. My internship was an invaluable experience, and I can truly say that I feel more prepared for the workforce because of the wonderful opportunities I had while interning at The Hauser Group.”

Katie Hamilton
Fall 2011 Hauser Group Intern
Senior Marketing Coordinator at H.D. Smith in Springfield, Ill.

“My internship at The Hauser Group was the perfect introduction to the fast-paced world of public relations. I worked on multiple client projects that spanned traditional public relations, marketing, social media and more, all of which helped me to become a well-rounded student professional. The hands-on aspect of the experience made the internship a stand out from the rest – I felt like a true member of the team (and you will too)!”

Desiree Fulton
Summer 2010 Hauser Group Intern
Marketing Communications Professional at Jackson Spalding in Atlanta, Ga.

“Three days after I graduated college, I was excited and eager to jump into the workforce as an intern at The Hauser Group. I was immediately welcomed and made to feel like a true part of the team. Every day brought new challenges that helped me grow professionally and personally, and the staff gave me insights and knowledge I still carry with me today.

I was fortunate enough to have earned a full-time role on Julie’s team of bright, passionate individuals. The years I spent at The Hauser Group helped prepare me for the next phase of my career at FleishmanHillard. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the invaluable experience I gained at HGI.”

Susan Newsham
2009 Hauser Group Intern
Managing Supervisor at FleishmanHillard in St. Louis

“The experience I gained through my internship with The Hauser Group was invaluable. I was able to use what I had learned in the classroom and translate it to work in the public relations field. The tasks I was assigned were relevant, challenging and rewarding. My time at HGI absolutely helped to prepare me for my current position.”

Katy Burnett
2009 Hauser Group Intern
Former Communications Specialist at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, Ill.

“My internship at The Hauser Group was my first agency experience and was so beneficial in jump starting my career in communications and PR. Julie and her team create a welcoming and open environment and provided me with the hands on experience that has helped me flourish in my agency career.”

Janelle Moritz Rasey
 Fall 2008 Hauser Group Intern
Account Supervisor, Ketchum, San Francisco, Ca.